Public Toilets

ModularWise has its roots in the design, manufacture and installation of public toilets - both automatic and non-automatic. We helped pioneer the concept of bespoke, modular, off-site buildings designed uniquely for use as public toilet facilities.

ModularWise has subsequently passed the marketing of its public-toilet-related activities to Healthmatic Ltd, the UK's leading provider of public toilet facilities and services.

public loo 1468 400x200Our company has the pleasure of continuing as the manufacturing-supplier of Healthmatic's non-automatic toilet buildings. These come in a wide variety of external designs, all featuring the latest finishes and technologies that are required to meet the needs of local authorities across the UK, whilst withstanding public use (and unfortunately abuse). 

Healthmatic has an unrivalled capability for the provision of public toilets and urinals. It also offers the installation and management of sophisticated control technology for high-footfall public facilities.

If you require the provision, management and maintenance of high-quality public toilets, urinals and changing places, please contact Healthmatic Ltd via its website: Alternatively, please contact us by clicking here and we will ensure that your enquiry is promptly dealt with.


Elphinstone-modular-building 400x167Pictured left and above: This modular building in a stylish oak cladding with stainless steel furniture has a Harbourmaster’s Office, four unisex toilets and one accessible toilet. With a curved wave-style roof, we think it looks a winner. Plymouth City Council said: "we are very pleased with the new Elphinstone toilets, thank you” - apparently they too agree.


Elphinstone-modular-building-interior 400Pictured left: A glimpse of the interior quality of a ModularWise toilet building - this is the accessible cubicle. All built to the exacting standards of the Disability Regulations.

Pictured below/right: Public toilet facilities being completed in Wilmslow, Cheshire.Wilmslow public toilets 400